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About Geoffrey

        In the Kitchen!

I grew up in a family of led by two great professional grandmothers.  They served very influential families and colleges in Southern California.  From them, I learned about the freshest ingredients, time tested techniques and the patience to create delectable cakes and desserts. 


I increased my knowledge through specialized training in the art of cake decorating spanning from traditional methods to international techniques taught by experts from different parts of the world.  In addition, I have won blue ribbons and two grand prize awards for our family tested recipes and the unique variations I have added to these recipes.  I am currently adding to my knowledge through training and practice in the different types of chocolates and their preparation in batters and fillings.


It is my distinct privilege to share these delectable cakes, creams, mousses and curds with you.  Your guests will be pleased by the lightness and flavors custom baked into your Designer Wedding Cake.

Wedding cake Designer Gilmore_edited.jpg
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